April 19, 2007

Inside Secret to MLM Success

I've learned that if you treat your business like a business not a hobby and run it like any successful business you will too be successful. If you research other successful businesses you will find that they don't teach duplication. Like we see in the MLM world.

Think about it if everyone is doing the same thing (duplicating) we would all be going after the same people especially online. Everyone has to find their own little niche and work their business that way.

I don't mean to be preaching the the choir here, but this is exactly what I've been teaching for years now. Create your own image, develop your own target market and delegate when you can.

You may be thinking how can I delegate when I'm just getting started? With the power of the internet and advanced software systems it's not only possible but it just make good business sense.

With the Barefoot Marketing System the software and technologies behind it make this all possible... Yes I'm talking about you the little guy delegate!

You forward the prospects to your sales staff. They call your prospect, invite them to look at your business, and make the followup call to answer questions and close the prospect on joining your business.

You get an email or phone call notifying you of your new downline member.

Because you now have salespeople making your calls you decide to build multiple streams of income. A couple of your income streams should give you right now cash and in large amounts.

The phone rings and its one of your salespeople, you like this person beause she makes you a lot of money, she's calling to say she just closed a sale for you and your profit is $2000.

Your other income streams produce that LONG TERM RESIDUAL INCOME, you know the kind that just keeps on giving month after month?

Next, your system automatically sends your new downline member instructions to plug into your company training and system and the live training system where you have experts training your people.

You also have a toll free number or live online assistance your people can get in touch with you for support and you have a support staff to handle all that.

Thats how it works when you delegate and work with systems.

Here's the Outline


Sales Staff...Delegated

Training Staff...Delegated

Customer Service...Delegated

Lead Generation...45-60 minutes a day 4-5 days a week

All that means is, your business works all the time. Real Humans are working for you. They all work on commission. You have no payroll.

I know what you're thinking..Man if it only worked like that FOR REAL.I know I just described a dream system. If it could only work like that

Here's the good news..it does...it can...You can work exactly like that

My Barefoot Marketing System is not a hobby. It feels like it sometimes but there is a catch.

There is a learning curve.

We don't promote something for nothing. We encourage you to learn how to use lead generation systems. We don't believe in buying or selling leads.
If you're really ready to learn business...If you're ready to stop the games and learn internet marketing...If you're ready to make money

You must take the following 2 steps

1. See my system Click Here
2. After you have throughly looked over the site and watched the movie..Request a Call, one of my sales staff will call you

Be sure to ask about the sales staff the system includes to call any business you choose to promote. Take a Few Minutes and See The Future That is Available NOW

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