March 05, 2007

Weekly Update Recording in Veretekk Web Conference Room

In this update recording Mike Darling shares some of his trip experiences and talks about how he bacame known as the "chick magnet" Don't miss this update!

Veretekk State of the Week RECORDING

Sometimes when I listen to these conferences I feel like there is a reason more than I know why I've latched onto Veretekk. Tonite as I was listening to this conference it all started to come to me. When they started talking about helping out 3 world countries to make money I knew one of the reasons I'm here training in Veretekk several times a week.

So much of what Veretekk does closely relates to me in my business. My primary company has a campaign going called. "Million Trees a Million Dreams" which goes hand in hand with what Mike Darling was talking about in this conference. Don't you just love the technology on our web conference rooms!

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