March 30, 2007

Cindy McAsey has the Podcasting Fever

What can I say... I had a feeling once I figured out how to record and load a podcast with out it sounding like a chimpmunk I woudl be hooked. Yesterday I spend another 4 hours trying to figure out podcasting software. It was a struggle and I'm still not a pro at it, but at least I've broken the code so to speak.

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For those of you who have been on the fence about podcasting it's time to jump into the arena! I just started podcasting last week and only have 3 podcasts out on 10 minute lessons but this morning I just checked and I have over 1000 downloads. That was enough for me to know as long as I have quality content to share there will be listeners.

Just now I placed the little talkshoe badge on this blog and I've uploaded the trainings I did this week. Wow what an easy way to access them! Talkshoe seems to have it together when it comes to podcasting. If you haven't tried podcasting yet go on over to and check them out... oh yea tell them Cindy McAsey sent you.


Anonymous said...

All the pieces of the podcasitng puzzle are solved over at

Dave Jackson
Personal Podcast Coach

Cindy McAsey said...

Cindy McAsey here...

I decided to leave this comment here to help educate others. The above comment I considered just deleting it because they are trying to sell you something.

But then I thought it's better to leave it here and give you the option to go and pay $19.95 per month for their service.

OR I'll be teaching podcasting for FREE in the my Veretekk web conference room in a few short weeks.
So the choice is yours..

You can go to the site above and pay someone 20 bucks a month for a bunch of gathered information. OR you can have live online web conference room training where you can ask questions and get answers from me.

I don't know about you but I would take the FREE route in a live online web conference room any day.

To start this process just go to and sign up as a FREE silver member. Then contact me and I'll walk you through FREE training.