January 23, 2007

What's your Adversity Quotient?

Eric Weihenmayer's new book, The Adversity Advantage is out. I heard Eric give one of his empowering talks last August and have kept in tuned to him ever since. Erick is a mountian climber... not just any mountian climber he is a BLIND mountian climber. He is very inspirational and make any adversity we have seem small.

Here is an excellent book review video at darenkagen.com oh yea she has a wonderful website what another great example of cool branding...

Buy The Adversity Advantage by January 31, Test Your Adversity Quotient (AQ)

Paul Stoltz, co-author with Erik, has spent decades decoding the human relationship with adversity. His best-selling book, The Adversity Quotient, suggests that AQ is a more important indicator of success than IQ. AQ is the most widely used method in the world for measuring and strengthening how we deal with adversity in our lives and businesses. Paul makes this special offer to those who purchase the book in January: he will give you a free measure of your AQ using his on-line AQ Profile. Here's how:

1) go to www.adversityadvantage.com and order the book (links to bookstores are found on the right side of the page)
2) next, email adversityadvantage@peaklearning.com, letting Paul's firm, PEAK Learning, know you have ordered the book (indicate "book ordered" on the subject line)
3) you will be sent an immediate link for a free on-line AQ Profile

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