January 09, 2007

Have you noticed any changes?

Wow they are adding new featurs over at Veretekk so fast it will make your head spin. The Blogfather traffic portal was introduced late last week... for someone like me this became my favorite traffic portal very quickly. There are so many great time saving features that aren't available on most blogging systems.

I happend to stumble into the Veretekk conference room Saturday evening before Tom's training and I'm so glad I did. I even got a recording of him singing. The singing in the conference room all started on a dare from Kathleen Dixon to Tom Prendergast that he wouldn't sing in a conference room. Well those of you that know Tom very well ... if he says he will sing he will.

This is a fairly long recording and yes I punched the record button just in time to catch some singing.

Saturday Evening Veretekk Conference RECORDING

One nice thing about this recording I recorded it on my laptop so you can see the text messaging in the side bar and can skip forward fairly easily. Oh yea... also in this recording Tom teaches a little bit of html code.. how to do those little drop down boxes that you see on some of the more advanced websites. At least to me writing code for drop down boxes is an advanced html topic.

On Sunday Evening Veretekk always has what they call a state of the week address. I got in a little late, but thought I would post this recording too.

Sunday State of the Week RECORDING

So are you excited yet? I know I am.. my fingers have just been writing till my hearts content... gosh it's sooo easy in the blogfather.

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