December 19, 2006

Veretekk New Features Revealed

If you didn't make it into the Veretekk Sunday Update Conference it was a keeper. Veretekk has just taken their system to the next level in custom figuration features. I realize this will make it more confusing for a few new people, but at the same time your Veretekk system will look more like your own system once it's configured properly.

After listening to this conference I see no need for a new person starting out to ever have to learn more than one autoresponder system. With message rules in out look express you can easily sort your mail and be able to respond to anyone easily who replies to one of your messages.

I've always said if you aren't attending these conferences you are missing out..

Veretekk State of the Week RECORDING

I'll be doing a training today on these new communication features today... I'm so excited to show how these features can work for your business.

Oh something else I wanted to mention... stay tuned and check back here for more details on a new training program I'll be releasing very soon called "A Franchise Online" it a plan for the rest of us. If you are one of the people who get confused when you go to Veretekk trainings... sit tight because in this franchise program it's will be a direct path through the Veretekk system as I use it.

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