November 21, 2006

Two Top Reasons Marketing Fails

Let's face it...Ads sometimes don't work. There are a lot of reasons why this happens, but more often than not, we can point to two downfalls that seem to hurt marketing.

Problem one is your ad isn't clear to the people it is talking to. Most of us have words and phrases we use in our industry that make little sense to our customers. Strive to put your ideas in plain everyday language. If you have an industry buzz word, translate it into words everyone uses.

Just as often, the one important benefit that will make people buy gets lost somewhere in the copy. Often when I get a long email message from someone, they'll have the important part in the next to last paragraph. Someone in a
hurry wouldn't find it.

Problem two is marketing frequently isn't pointed at the right people. One guy who wanted to recruit members for his MLM opportunity advertised in the daily newspaper. Lots of people read the paper, but very few were interested in network marketing. He would do far better to put his ad in a networking publication or ezine that specializes in his target audience.

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