October 29, 2006

Nothing Else Compares to Tom Prendergast's Training

Very soon Tom could be laying out in the grass on his own ranch doin trainings for us. He has some ranch land in San Diego County pegged with his name on it. I'm so happy for him to be moving away from the rat race in the city to a quiet peacful place in the country.

It's so nice to have Tom back in the Veretekk Training Room again. This guy is an awesome trainer I've learned so much from him. The first recording is his basic HTML training. I have to admit I'm not into writing webpages from scratch, but it sure helps to know this stuff. As I continue to expand my online marketing skills learning html is something that just goes with marketing on the internet.

Tom Prendergast's HTML Training RECORDING

Tom did a training last night on Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Talk about an excellent training! If you are new to all of this online marketing stuff it might stretch you a little, but just keep listening over and over... then it will all start to make sense.

Tom Prendergast's SEO Training RECORDING

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