September 03, 2006

Veretekk News Update

Tonite's Veretekk update was mostly about the New Traffic Portal called Leadsomatic. We did get a peek at the new pop3 portal that is in the works.. wow what a nice looking website! I post these recordings to benefit those of you who can't make these Sunday evening Conferences... Veretekk is always changing and if you don't stay up on these updates you will get lost in the dust very easily.

Veretekk State of the Week Conference RECORDING

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Goran Thisell said...

Hi Cindy,
I'm so thankful to you for all the Sunday recordings you do for the Veretekk 6 pm webconference meeting. For me here in Sweden time is 3 am so I can't be there, but I always see and listen to the recording you gave done.
-Goran T