September 25, 2006

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This was taken directly from the email blast that Mike Darling wrote...Veretekk Successfully Negotiates $50,000 Major Hardware upgrades!
Welcome to the Server Farm.
As it is with farms, ours is growing. We have had some growth pains recently, but this next expansion is going to catapult us into hyper drive!
When these babies get installed, say good by to Veremail upload issues, by by to SQL database error scripts, and hello to faster processing and greater lead productions and faster rollouts of new stuff. You liked Leadsomatic, right? Just wait, we plan on blowing your minds as we accelerate into 2007.
We have a server farm that is the envy of the Internet and this industry. But Inetekk is more than just hardware. It is also inspired software that has all been built not just by us, but with your input as well. We love Inetekk and we love you, our subscribers. So we never hesitate to make these investments and large investments they are. To date we have invested over 50,000 hours and millions of dollars into Inetekk. We plan on being here forever.
Inetekk's IP Mapping Plan Nears Completetion
Email Deliverability Rates Are Skyrocketing!

Have you noticed that your Veretekk bully pulpit emails have been delivering almost instantly?!? It's not by accident... This is a direct result of the sophisticated IP address mapping plan that we have been implementing piece by piece over the past couple months. Not only has this resulting in your bully pulpits being sent almost immediately, deliverability rates have improved drastically!

How..? What does that mean? You see, there are basically 2 factors associated with any email system. The first is how fast your email gets sent. This is by far the easiest of the factors to control and improve (although it does get tricky with massive, world class mail systems such as Veretekk offers - sending millions of emails each day!) The second factor is what percentage of these emails are actually getting delivered? This is a much more complex and challenging issue. Veretekk stands alone as the only online marketing company that is constantly fighting on your behalf to ensure that your email actually gets delivered. Part of this equation has been specializing the use of our IP addresses such that certain components of the system use specific IP addresses to send email that are distinctly different from other system emails. Doing so has insulated certain types of "higher risk" email (e.g. Veremail list uploads) from lower risk emails (such as your bully pulpits). This is an important part of the reason why you are seeing a higher and higher percentage of your emails actually get delivered.

But we're not done yet... We will continue to keep you updated as we work towards fully completing this IP address adjustment. You will continue to see email deliverability get better and better as a result.
Notice: / Under Construction.
Remote Submissions Have Exploded!

Many of you may have noticed that the submission sections for the eTracking and 1-Family Traffic Portals have been put Under Construction. While this might appear to be bad news on the surface, it's actually a great situation and opportunity to expand these powerful systems. So, what happened? Basically, remote submissions to these systems have gotten so high that they can completely overwhelm the servers that have been handling them! Rather than allowing this happen (which would mean the submissions would still be accepted, but would cause frustrating loading problems for other web pages in the system), we decided to take this opportunity to dramatically expand both Traffic Portals.

We are now in the process of adding multiple servers to handle the increased submission load for eTracking and 1-Family. The result will be an extremely robust platform for both of these Traffic Portals - equivalent to the server farms already established for portals like As we bring them back online they will each be capable of handling virtually unlimited incoming submissions.

So, what's in it for you? -- More leads!!! As the submission threshold is increased, there will be more and more leads generated that are automatically assigned to Veretekk Gold members at random. Taking this next step with these 2 portals will permanently strengthen their ability to produce results. And that's what this is all about...

Mike Darling's Veretekk Weekly Update RECORDING

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