August 29, 2006

Exclusive 1st Look at the Predator Automated Marketing System

You know how I love automated marketing systems. Well Al Turnquist is about to release a NEW Automated Marketing System called the Predator. It is patterned after the popular Prosperity Automated System. Of course there are a few differences and it sounds like he is taking that system to the next level. I'll know more after attending the preview today, but from talking to Al he will not only have 6 spots to advertise your business but will also include his state of the art training courses on how to market.

Training is so important when it comes to marketing online. Just as a doctor wouldn't start doing surgery with out some training. It's the same way with marketing online in order to succeed online you must take training, I know when I took the Mentors on a Mission (MOM) training course I felt like I was getting a college degree in marketing and sales on the internet. Having 2 son's in college I know the fees for college.. when you look at the fee for MOM it is very reasonable. There are probably more usable skills taught in the MOM course than what is taught in the average college course.

The Predator Marketing System is Scheduled to go live on Sept 1st.

Those who sign up for Cindy McAsey's MOM course: Make Money or Make Excuses before that time will get the entire $4000 Predator system for free with their course.

Everytime somebody purchases the Predator system from you, you will earn $1000 or $3000. All phone calls are done by a team of professional closers.

This is your ONE SINGLE opportunity to get the Predator system essentially it a fraction of its full price. Come Sept.1 this promotion will be over, and you will never again be able to own the full system for less than $4000.

Here are some benefits of the Predator Automated Marketing System:

As quoted by Big Al himself, "Folks I have looked hard at the other Automated Marketing Systems out there and Predator will blow them all away.

1. Our website was professionally done
2. Our graphics are superior
3. Our flash movie rocks--people will watch just to see what graphic comes next
4. Our system site closers are the best in the industry
5. The lead generation system (Veretekk) we will be using is the best in the industry
6. Our training is second to none. The other systems out there really don't train
7. Everyone in the industry knows our company
8. Our reputation surpasses other companies with automated systems.

We have it all. We will rock the industry and you folks are in on the ground floor."

Remember Al is a master at sales but I really think this is worth taking a look at..
To get informattion call 212-461-2829 for a 4-minute informational recording.

Live previews are Tuesday August 29th at 11 am EST and 7:30pm EST in the MOM
conference room.
Here is the url:
Learn more about the Mentors on a Mission course at:
Call me Cindy McAsey with your questions or to get started. 888.2722.6701

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