July 03, 2006

RSS is added to VERETEKK Traffic Portals

All I can say is look out Search Engines here come the Veretekkies. Yesterday a new tool was added to all of the Veretekk traffic portals... RSS FEEDS!!! This is like icing on the cake when it comes to marketing on the net! I'm so excited.... I was going to take of a few days over the July 4 th holiday, but I felt I just had to get this new information out to everybody.

The announcement was made at the Sunday State of the Week update last night. There are lots more enhancements made to the system but to me this was the highlight.

RECORDING OF RSS Announcement and other stuff...

Just in case you didn't know you can easily add this blog to one of your Veretekk traffic portals now... just click on the BRIGHT ORANGE RSS link to the right and take that address and copy and past it into the RSS box in the traffic portal of your choice.

The main thing to remember is to make sure your RSS content is relavent to the traffic portal you are optimzing for. If all of this confuses you come to My (Cindy's) Veretekk Advanced Training on Thursday afternoon and I will explain in detail the power of RSS feeds and why you should have them as part of your marketing strategy.

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