July 11, 2006

Is your Cow in the Ditch?

Do you know the number one problem of un-successful businesses?
They don't take action. There's a number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is they don't know what to do or have the confidence to do it.

Successful businesses are those that take action. I'm not talking about the day to day routine actions of your business. What I'm referring to are the actions that move
your business into and beyond the realm of ordinary success.

The "right" actions.

This means taking steps to find the answers to the problems your business is facing, and then implementing the solution.

Because even if you have the right information - if you don't do anything with it - nothing changes. You'll still be stuck in the muck of inactivity and

Success comes from taking the right actions.

That's it. That's what the most successful companies do.

They look for, and find the information from somebody who knows the answers. It's usually a mentor or someone with experience. Then they put the information to use.

Anne Mulcahy (CEO of Xerox) was told the following by her

"When everything gets really complicated and you feel overwhelmed, you gotta do three things -- First get the cow out of the ditch -- second, find out how the cow got into the ditch -- and third, make sure you do whatever it takes
so the cow doesn't go in the ditch again."

That one of the reasons I started my online brainstorming sessions I host several times weekly to keep you from getting stuck in the ditch.

This is an open invitation to join us at the Barefoot Business Conference Center. Take a look at the event schedule that's updated weekly.

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