July 28, 2006

How the Internet is Changing MLM

MLM used require its workers to be bold and aggressive. Let's face it. Unless you were willing to approach George at work and Aunt Nellie at the bridge club with your sales pitch, your retail sales and downline development were never going to go anywhere. More than a few people have gotten into MLM, realized that their shyness level was higher than they thought, and quietly gave up. Months later they were haunted by a garage still full of product.

All that has changed thanks to the Internet. You can now be a runaway success in the MLM of your choice without ever even telling your friends, family, or neighbors. I can already hear the MLM old-timers groaning. "Why that attitude is against everything we've ever been taught. Shrinking violets have no place in network marketing!"

Think again. Remember the teenage nerd who couldn't get a date because he always had his nose stuck in a computer? Today that 35 year-old is president of his own million dollar software firm. Doing business in the new Internet order doesn't require the same talents that the business world used to demand. Keep your head stuck in a monitor and never mind the doorbell. Thanks to the miracle of Internet, anyone, without leaving their easy chair, can communicate with hundreds, thousands, even millions of others with the click of a key.

If you haven't gotten "In the Group" that is using some of the awesome tools available to for MLM marketers to use you are in the right place. I have been fortunate enough to have some of the most cool marketing tools available on the internet today. Here is my list of the most important tools every MLM marketer should have access too:

1. Veretekk - an awesome lead generation system with so many features I couldn't possible mention them all here. More importantly the FREE online training is excellent... if you don't get a Free silver system for nothing more than the training you are missing out.

2. Prosperity Automated System - I know this system had doubled the new sign-ups coming into my primary MLM business. This system also has a wonderful one up commission plan that gives most MLM marketers the cash flow they need to expand and grow their MLM business.

3. Deskview - This is a great system to use to communicate with your team without having to rely on email that half the time doesn't get delivered. Also it's a nice way for prospects to easily contact you through your website. This awesome tool has many features that are Free to use.

4. Qview - This is a great little dynamic desktop file that keeps your customers and or members up to date with many training presentations, upcomming webcasts, and podcasts. I know I have put an top notch training about PPC that isn't availailble anywhere else.

So if you are new to MLM marketing on the internet these tools and trainings will really cut down your learning curve and expand your recruiting efforts.

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