July 26, 2006

Announcing New One of a Kind... Barefoot's Marketing Strategies Channel

I ran onto this cool new tool called Desk View. One of the features as a publisher in Desk View is you can publish channels. Channels are pretty much like blogs... but has more power especially with configuring the RSS feeds. On this NEW Channel basically I'm posting the cream of the crop from past posts, organizing them and adding really top notch content. The address for this new site is: http://quikonnex.com/channel/page/barefootmentor you can easily go to this site and hit the suscribe button and get updates on this new site.

Another cool tool called "Qview" that's an add on product is a nice little downloadable file the has a cute little icon on your desktop. The nice thing about Qview is... it's dynamic and organizes training content put out by some very advanced marketers. There is content in here that isn't available anywhere else on the net. I put in the "New Qview" an advanced training on how to do Pay Per Click advertising that is only available through Qview. Take a look at the free new training tool today at: http://qview.barefootsuccess.net

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