June 08, 2006


Last week I sent an email to MTT for an explaination of why the monthly commissions wern't paid out. Here is my message I sent to MTT customer support:

MTT Customer Support,
I got a message from Jean stating that commissions would be paid out on June 1st if one of our clients had paid for their site and MTT had recived the payment before April 28th.

I purchased a site under my affiliate account and I got a confirmation from USPS service that you recieved my payment on April 18. I was entered into your client system as a paid member on April 20th. However when when I log into my back office to recieve my commissions for my own client account there is a message that says no payment due till next month.

Something isn't adding up here. Either Jean was wrong about the payment dates in her email or the back office of my affiliate account is wrong.

Please let me know what is happening here,

Cindy McAsey
Barefoot in the Garden

OK guys here is the response I get a week later...(oh...there is always an automated autoresponder that goes out right after you send in a support ticket stating someone will be contacting your shortly.) Here is the week later resonse OK..

Hello, my name is Jean Squiresman and I am based
in our overseas relations Jersey Liasion Branch.

Sorry it has taken so long to answer your email.

MTT have been upgrading their service and we have
been concentrating on making deliveries to clients.

Please do not judge us by the late reply. We have
now implemented more service staff to improve our
client/affiliate service.

Did you know we are expanding to a country near you?
One of our franchises will soon pop up on your
doorstep to make service a lot better.

I hope you don't mind but today I am going to try and
answer your email using some copy and paste answers
that I have found in our FAQ's.

Of course feel free to ask any unanswered questions
by using our support email page again or reply to my
email and I will help you again.

I have added some answers below plus a lot more that I
know will help you in the short and long term.

If there is anything else you need just email me Jean.

The rest of the email is copy and pasted from the support questions you can view from the website. I have gotten two more emails exactly like this one for different issues that I sent up to support. All they are doing is sending out another autoresponder a week later and not answering any questions you have.

My stats have not changed in since my last week when I posted what was happening here. These are the facts here... for those of you who know me I'm a very optimistic person. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but if you got into this program thinking this is your ticket to the "good life" you are barking up the wrong tree.

I will keep monitoring this program test for any positive changes til August 10, but at this point I'm not going to waist much time on it and I encourage you to move on also.

Lessons learned from this test:

1. Just because you talk to someone once from the company doesn't mean they can be trusted.

2. A nice well put together webite with lots on information doesn't mean it is a good company that can be trusted. There are people out there who will go to alot of work, time, and trouble just to wrongly take others people money. It's really sad that there are people in the world like this, gosh how do these people sleep at night!

3. When they start trying to upsell you before they deliver on the first order, take it as a red flag. Luckly for me I was just testing the program and didn't give a second thought to the upsell, but it does consern me that some people did waist more time and money on the upsell.

4. Don't make your test's public until you have good results. I still have mixed feelings on this lesson, because I know have spared a few people from jumping in by reading my results. I also know that just because I decided to test that some people probably jumped in too. That's the reason I won't make any more of my tests public.

I have learned in life there are really no mistakes only lessons to be learned and lesson's are repeated until they are learned. Hopefully you have been able to learn from my test that I have done on MTT program. I have learned in marketing on the net you always have to be testing, take the good test results and run with them and just ditch the ones that don't turn out and move on. This is was my first test that I made public and the last one too.


Sweda said...

Hi Cindy,

I just wanted to say that I think you did the right thing when you posted your findings about MTT and discouraged people from investing money in their "program".

Your decision to not publicize the status of tests in progress also showed your integrity.

Even though you never encouraged anyone to patronize MTT, just reading about it on your site may have persuaded some people to try it out.

Good luck in your present and future business ventures.

jim said...

Cindy, Thanks for the great information! You know, every time I spoke with you, you made it very clear that you were not endorsing the program, rather just testing to see if it were real. We are all grown ups and must make and stand by our own decisions. And, it is not like anyone who got into the program had to spend thousands to try it!

I too, became very concerned about the upsales pitches and agree that it was indeed a red flag!

FFinally, I recently posted on my blog comments to the same effect as one of your lessons; just because it looks good, doesn't mean that it is!

Great work with the test and thanks for sharing it!

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