June 01, 2006


I'm starting to see some of the results of my MTT Test. I just noticed my site's they are optimizing for me are now at step 4. They had changed overnite away from step 3 which took was suppose to take 30 days, but instead it took from April 20th to June 1st. In Stage 4 is says "Your ‘BASE’ completed... Calling Sales Traffic... Micro-software loading... MTT's software network instructing ALL World's search engine's robots & spiders... 5 days to completion. Sending & receiving
instructions & smart data..."

However when I go to my stats for my 3 sites they are optimizing I can only get into 1 back office now and that is the MTT Affiliate program. One of the sites they are optimizing for me doesn't even have a domain name yet that I can see...this site according to the 1st page of the client site is at "stage 4"

At this stage all of their own web pages don't add up, so I must make the assumption that either their webpages have a glitch in them or they are falling behind on their way to the "guaranteed results"

My test won't end till August 10th. That is the day MTT has given me as the guaranteed results on their site.

As a side note on the affiliate commissions that were to be available at midnight June 1 GMT time (that's 7 PM MAy 31st Kansas time) nothing has changed since yesterday. It says commissions are now due, but when you click on the link it's the same message about they aren't available til June 1 GMT time.

I have always gotten responses from MTT before anytime I had a question. So this morning I sent an email to them. I'll keep you posted as to the reply I get.

I just have to add this... I got this email this morning from my upline in my primary business that I have been in 10 years (the company is 50 years old) It said... here is a great way to personalize the Join Us Brochure... "You could be earning $500 to $1500 by this time next year, pretty easy."

WOW is that a conserative statement or WHAT!! You guys this a true reality statement here for many beginners into business for the first time. I know I was earning more than that my first year in my primary business, but also understand everyone doesn't start out at the same place... I had a jump start... read more about my jump start at www.cindymcasey.com

OK the analogy here was this... this is a TRUE statement... NO lots of people won't get excited about it.. but that is reality. What do people get excited about???.. some of the false promises that are out there on the net. I have found if you need or want a larger income coming in faster then you need to start out with a one-up program first. The two I use and promote both bring in $1000 to $3000 a sale.

To me the one up programs are great way to get people into their long term MLM business full time where the TRUE long term BIG Money is.

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