June 15, 2006

Database Marketing 101

I talk about daisy chaining almost everyday in my Q & A sessions. Today Mark said, " hey Cindy I made something for you".. and he sent me the link to a free page he had done with the free-page.net site in Veretekk. Here is the picture of the daisy chain he had on that page.. he actually had some printing at the top that was animated, but for some reason I'm not able to get it to load in blogger.So here is the link to the page: http://free-page.net/web/daisychaingif.htm What can I say when it comes to html I know enough to be dangerous.

Database Marketing 101 training RECORDING

Anyway again today there is some very good information shared in today's class that Tom Prendergast did on database marketing. He did sway a little and showed me the html code for an iframe. I always wondered how they got some of those Veretekk sites put together so nicely... hey they are using iframes. I'm anxious to try out this new code on my site.

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