May 07, 2006

Sunday Evening Veretekk Update Conference

Want to know what's new happening in Veretekk? The Sunday evening update conference's keep you up to date with what is happening with the system and the new features coming out.

Sunday Evening Update Conference RECORDING

Oh by the way.. after several rounds with my ISP providers the last week.. I think I'm back up and running with at stable internet connection. Get this... my husband was the one who suggested that the techincian look at the box on the outside of the house for some loose wires. Well it wasn't a loose wire but it had been wired wrong. I think the reason I just started having trouble is because the company is adding on more and more suscribers everyday and are running out of bandwidth. I upgraded my service to a higher upload and download speed so my system will get the speed first before the new suscribers coming on.

If you are still struggling with Veretekk after attending the basic trainings, or have questions that you need help with come to my Q & A Sessions in our Barefoot Business Conference Centre. To your marketing success...

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