May 01, 2006

More Than Traffic TEST Update

As most of you know I've been testing this MTT program for a little over 3 weeks now. There was a conference call last week that was at the same time I was training in the Veretekk System. I persoally wasn't able to attend but several of reported to me how the conference went. So here is my update.

The Conference was really more about that ACE company than MTT. The MTT CEO had trouble accessing the conference room so the room moderator relayed messages to the group. I was told they were communicating via MSN messanger. It sounds like the CEO of MTT is Simon Baxter. That is the same person as my Webmaster that was assigned to me and everyone else that I've talked to has gotten same Webmaster.

I'm thinking although MTT looks like a big company on the outside I'm starting to think it is run by just a few people. In my eyes that is fine.. hey I'm all for the little guy on the net. I come to this conclusion because I remember Jean emailing me when I first signed up and telling me Simon has been sick and will answer my questions when he gets back. So far I've only communicated with Jean and Simon and yes they have answered all my questions.

My MTT3 package that I ordered is in stage 3 and according to the website will be at that stage for 30 days. I'm getting a autoresponder at least once a week that tells me how my site's are progressing and the expected delivery time is on schedule. My friend Ty Rivers who is a week ahead of me in MTT said he is also in stage 3. He has gotten the URL's and been able to see the splash pages they designed for him. Ty said they look very nice, lots of facts, short and to the point, then at the bottom they direct to the URL the site was set up for.

One thing I have noticed in the email autresponders they do mention about purchasing more site's to optimize to help your results. To some that may sound like they are just wanting more money. But to me I know that the more site's you have out there on the net to link to the better results you will have. Anyone who has been successful at making it to the top of the search engines knows this. It's all on how you percieve what they are asking.

As more information comes in I'll be posting it on this blog. Time will tell how my test will turn out.