May 01, 2006

Cindy's Veretekk Update

Sometimes I feel like I'm living out in the wilderness, in a way I really am when it comes to technology. If you hadn't noticed... I'm having trouble with my ISP service so the recording from last night didn't turn out at all. Most of you know I live in a rural area, so we don't have options for ISP service like most of you do. Most of the time I don't even notice an interuption until I get into a conference room. It's like my service has the hiccups. Between me and the service tech he narrowed it down to a DSL card that is out at the highway. The service tech said they didn't have any in stock, they are on backorder and not expected to be in till the end of the week. Long story short... I might not get a good recording this week or even get through a training session with out being knocked out of the room frequently.

I'm going to try to go through the highlights of the Sunday Veretekk Conference Update at least what I heard. Tom had been doing lots of testing this week working out bugs in the system. There have been some that have had trouble upgrading to gold. That has been fixed. There is a bug in the drill after you do so many pages you get an page can't be displayed they are still working on that. He was even testing as in the conference room having everyone tell him what they saw when he would bring up a piticular page and then asking where people who didn't get it " where do you live" (I'm not sure what that was all about.. I got only half of it because I lost connection)

Tom did ask for testimonials from people who have made it to the top of the search engines and some of their successes. I kept loosing connection so even though I really wanted to que up and and share my good results I didn't. There was probably lots more on this update that I missed. If anyone has anything to add just post a comment.

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Cindy McAsey said...

Oh yea... I will trying to do all of my Q & A sessions and trainings this week. To see my event schedule for this week just click on the BOLD Orange Barefoot Business Conference Centre under Links to the right side of this post. Yes.. up towards the top of the page..