May 08, 2006

Cindy's MTT Test Update

Well it's been a week since I last updated you on the More Than Traffic Program I'm testing.

To get the full update go down are read my other blog posts. I have a login for the first of my 3 sites that I'm testing. The first site to progress is their affiliate program ( I have a keyword rich domain name and over 1000 extension pages started so far. According to the questions section of the login for the first URL, I'll have over 5000 extensions to the main domain before the software is finished.

If you were like me you are curious to what some of the extensions are... well they are very keyword rich combinations of words that are highly searched terms! I just finished going through and checking most of them in some of my keyword tools and it's impressive to me.

Most of you know I've been marketing on the net for sometime and I have purchased and tested many programs over the years. This software most reminds me of a software program came with an ebook I purchased that would put different combinations of keywords together to make a large list for a PPC campaign. I don't even have access to that tool anymore. I remember how cool it was to keep PPC costs low by using different combinations of words not many people would take the time to find and bid on.

In the case of MTT optimizing sites they are putting together combinations highly searched keywords to make up all of the extension pages. I'm not able to see the content of these pages yet, or the main domain content yet. According to my client site backoffice, I'm in stage 3 and will be here for 30 days. I'm going on my second week of stage 3 now. I think there are 10 or 11 stages total.

Please remember I'm testing this program an it will be 4 months before the test is finished. Until my test is finished I'll be like a race horse wearing blinders.. shutting out everything positive and negative until I can draw my own conclusions. The cool thing for you I'll be reporting my findings here.