May 18, 2006

Cindy's Basic's Confirguration and Communication Veretekk Training

Have you ever felt like you have been around to the block so to speak on the net, but then you were introduced to Veretekk and realize you have lots to learn. Well that's how I was when I first started learning the Veretekk system. Sometimes when I think of learing all there is to know in Veretekk it reminds me of our mules and my husband & I training them. If you didn't know it Mules are very smart creatures and you have to learn how they think to be successful in training. Gosh we thought we were pretty savy at training animals till we started training Mules.

In a way it's a little like that with Veretekk as you get to know Tom Prendergast CEO and Mike Darling Pres you start to understand why and how this Veretekk system is put together. It's simply amazing as you start to learn the Veretekk system. Here is a recording on my Basic's Configuration and Communication Training.

Cindy's Basic's Configuration and Comunication Veretekk RECORDING

The picture is of our Smart Mules! My husband and I tell ourselves every day just hang in there and we both will come to a mutual understanding.

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