May 12, 2006

Cindy's Advanced Marketing Training

I promised a few people that would record this training. I must say I'm really disapointed with the sound quality especially at the first of the session. I'm still working on the adjusting of my new sound system so bare with me OK. As the recording progresses it get's a little better though.

I start out talking about how to promote your blog. Then I move on to creating a image for you business. I personally don't think this is one of my best trainings on this subject and not all of the pages I brought up in the live training recorded the way they should, but here it is. If you change the extension on the end of this recording from htm to wma you can download just the wma file.

Cindy's Advanced Marketing Training RECORDING

By the way my who is page for some reason doesn't record at all so here is the URL I go through how to use an html editor to such as outlook express to make a pretty (html) email. Then I show you where to find the source code to you can copy and paste it into your veretekk system.

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