April 27, 2006

MTT Marketing Test Update

I promised you I would keep you updated on how my test is going with the More Than Traffic(MTT)Program. Well so far I've had no problems or seen any red flags.... everything is happening as they said it would. I'm only 3 weeks into the program though.

If you haven't seen it yet here is the link: www.traffic4U2.com pretty much all the details are here on the site.

I'm not solicitng You to join this, but MTT has created a buzz lately and the CEO of MTT is supposed to show up at a Conference to disscuss how their program will work with "Ace Global" another company that Ty Rivers (the guy who told me about MTT is in.) Just so you know I don't even know what Ace Global is so don't ask me Ok..

Unfortunatly this conference is at the same time that I do my advanced training in the Veretekk Conference Room, so I can't attend, but Ty did send me the link so if you want to sneak in and hear it from the horses mouth you can.

Here is the link to the Conference Room: http://www.aceconference.biz/AceSpace.exe
Conference Call Schedule:
Thursday 27 April at:
11:00 AM (Los Angeles)
02:00 PM (New York) EST.
19:00 GMT (London)

I'm just passing this on in case you would like to know more... if I could attend... I would... then just report back to you.

Since I can't... if you wouldn't mind giving me a call at 888.272.6701 or come to one of my Q & A sessions and tell us what is how it went that would be great!!! We have had lots of discussions about MTT lately. I'll be in my Barefoot Business Conference Centre today (4/27) at 3 PM (CDT) Kansas time. Here is the link to my event schedule that I update weekly:http://www.barefoot-in-the-garden.com/eventschedule.htm