April 20, 2006

More Than Traffic Test Update

Most of you know that I'm running a test on this new "More Than Traffic" program. I'll be posting the results as they come in here on my blog. So to update those who may not have gotten my email here is what I first sent out:

Title: Tired of Promoting, with Little Results?

Body: Got a Good Business Opp? but can't seem to make it Work!
Give it to the Professionals, they Market for a Living!
Oh yea, They don't "Charge" till You Get "Results"
Check em' out, then give me a Call

Several of you did indeed call me and those are the people that learned about my test first.

Here is what I have learned so far with my testing..

1. You can sign up for the affiliate program for free. Then place an order under yourself and save some money.

2. If you plan to use a re-direct URL like I did... DON'T cloak or mask the the re-direct or lots of people using that URL will default back to the main site. I fixed my re-direct so it now works. Live and learn I guess that's why I test.

3. So far I haven't personally gotten any red flags.. all of my questions have been answered via email.

4. It's a pain to send the money to have your site's optimized. I ended up sending my money via cashiers check through USPS express mail.

5. They assign you a webmaster to work with my webmaster is: Simon Baxter

6. I'm testing 3 websites. A high price point site www.barefootsecret.biz
A low price point www.barefootsuccess.net
and their own affiliate program www.traffic4U2.com

7. Pretty much everything you need to to know is laid out for you on the website.

8. You must change the length of the banners to fit on this blog template

We have had lots of discussion's about this program and others in my Q & A sessions, that's when I learned I had people signing up that didn't show up in my stats. I feel though that was my fault for not reading the fine print about not masking or cloaking the re-direct URL's.

To join us in our discussions take a look at my event schedule:
It's in the Q & A sessions that we talk about some of the programs we are testing. I update this schedule weekly. I also try my best to shorten your learning curve to make you a successful marketer on the net.