April 18, 2006

Database Marketing 101 Day 3

In today's training Tom goes over how to use the new Verimail 2 and goes into detail how to up load email lists to verify into the system. He also covers Veretracking. If you are just learning the Veretekk system this training recording is a must to help you understand the system. There is about 5 minutes of music before the training starts.

Day 3 Database Marketing 101 RECORDING


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Cindy McAsey said...

Don't you just love blog spamers!!! At least he did go to the trouble to start a blog and a profile so he could post on this blog. Well I wish him luck in his future endavors, but personally I think he is going about it in the wrong way..

To bad he can't take the time to learn how to market the right way. Gosh all he has to do is follow this blog and listen to the recordings and he would have much more success.