April 25, 2006

Advanced SEO Training

Would you like a quick nuts and bolts training on SEO optimization? If your answer is YES... then this training is for you. I've posted many trainings on this blog the Advanced SEO trainings are listed as University of Veretekk (UOV). These UOV trainings will give you details on exactly how to get to the top of the search engines. I've also have several Database Marketing 101 trainings.. they are about building lists and marketing to those lists.

Tom is changing the format of his trainings to have alternate the day's a week one will be SEO trainings the other day will be database/newsletter marketing training. Rather that try to organize these trainings I will just be posting the ones that I feel have some fresh content that is not mentioned in another training. Besides that I'm running out of memory on my website.

Tom's Advanced SEO training RECORDING

Tom makes a very good analogy in this recording about the different types of marketers he puts them in 2 catagories. The Hunter and The Farmer. It was one of the best anaologies I have heard. To find out which one I am listen to the recording OK... oh a hint would be in my business name "Barefoot in the Garden" does that sound like a business name of a hunter or farmer. :)

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