March 31, 2006

University of Veretekk Day 14

Here is another great advanced training by Tom Prendergast CEO of Veretekk. I'm learning that there people attending these advanced classes and applying what they have learned so well they are getting offers to do SEO and build webpages for other people. How cool is that!!!

I did want to mention too... (the vain side is coming out here or as Tom would say bragging rights) anyway during the class you will notice that Tom turns over the mic to Paul Stanton for him to show us what he had done to get his site's to the top of the search engines. Well just so you guys know... my 2 gold accounts in veretekk the usernames are "barefoot" and "barefootmentor" While Paul is looking for his site's mine are popping up at the top of google. I think the 1st key word was "automated lead generation system" and the other one was "automated leads" anyway as you watch the recording look for my site's OK? Hey I didn't even know they were there.. it's amazing what you learn in these classes.

Day 14 University of Veretekk RECORDING

In this training also Tom takes us through setting up a pop3 account and how to FTP(File Transfer Protacal) with Nathosting, he's got training sildes and everything to walk you through it. This will certainily shorten your learning curve when it comes to setting up your own website and email accounts.

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