March 21, 2006

New Search Engine Helps Locate Podcasts

As I was doing my usual new market research this morning I ran across this story on the Sci-Tech Today Website.

The search engine is called This is a cool tool we can use to find useful new information.

One thing I like about Podcasts is you can listen while doing other things.. if you hear someting that is of interest you can "dummy up" and listen closer. Now this doesn't work if you are copywriting. If you are like me and have a large customer base that orders products off the internet.. what I do is listen to podcasts/webcasts while I'm putting these customers in autoresponders thanking them for the order. Actually my autoresponder consists of just 2 emails. 1. that thanks them for the order 2. a note that goes out 7 days later making sure they recieved the order. Sorry I got off the subject a little... I just wanted to paint a picture when I listen to the podcast.

Hey this internet marketing stuff is all about creating a routine, part of my routine is searching out new markets. Learn more about my routine visit my weekly event schedule in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre. By the way anyone who is reading this is welcome to attend any of my trainings.

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