March 13, 2006

I wasn't going to post this..

Yep that's right I wasn't planning on posting this Sunday Evening state of the week conference with Tom Prendergast but... I changed my mind when I heard Tom say that Veretekk will soon be using Green Zap as a payment processor and accepting webcash for payment.. at least that's they way I heard it.

Sunday Evening State of the week update 3/12/06 RECORDING

I didn't get the first 20 min. of this conference recorded.. I slipped up and logged on late.. sorry.. what can I say it was a hectic weekend. We have new baby chicks at our house! Anyone who has been around me very long knows I love babies and it's spring time at our farm in Kansas!! In farm life springtime is known to produce lots of babies.. gosh when Adam our second son was born in May a few years ago.. we had 8 orphan baby greyhound puppies, 7 baby goats that we bottle feed, plus his older brother Matt who was 22 months old at the time. We sure had lots of babies to take care of that year besides our normal farm chores. Hence Babies are high on my priority list!

When you listen to this recording let me know if you heard what I heard about Veretekk using Green Zap to accept payments. You guys this is sooo powerful if I heard right!!! If you are a part of Green Zap you know that there is always extra webcash in your account and if there isn't it's not hard to get some. To me this basically takes away the fees for a gold veretekk system!

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