March 22, 2006

GreenZap.. Update and Training

Want to learn what's new happening in GreenZap? I have recorded Damon Westmoreland CEO of Green Zap. It's his weekly update conference. I must say I was very impressed with this conference. I have the audio only uploaded to my server. Feel free to download this file and listen.. I think you will be impressed with some of the hoops and hurdles Green Zap is going through to secure a one of a kind payment processor.

Damon Westmoreland CEO of GreenZap audio RECORDING

Also I recorded Mike Darling's Green Zap training. This will give you marketing tips and some basic information on using the traffic portal. If you are not familar with Mike Darling he is the President of Veretekk. He is also the webdesigner of the site. So why not learn from the guy who designed the site.. pretty powerful in my eyes..

Mike Darling's training of the site RECORDING

The video didn't turn out real well so if you would rather just download and listen to the video. Here's the audio only version.

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