February 24, 2006

University of Veretekk Day 8

Ready for a marathon training? This recording is actually 2 trainings all in one recording. It starts with Tom Prendergast's advanced University of Veretekk training, then it goes into my training on starting a blog on blogger.com. Sorry I forgot to turn off the recording before my session. Just so you know this recording is about 2 hours long and there's a couple of breaks in it that you don't hear anything. I guess that will give you some time to multi-task!

Day 8 University of Veretekk RECORDING

Time saving hint: Listen to these recordings while deleting your spam mail or organizatizing your folders etc... then when we start talking about something that is really important to you listen up and bring up the page. As time passes you will get very good at multi-tasking.

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