February 10, 2006

University of Veretekk Day 6

As I was listening to this training I thought of some of the words in the Kid Rock song "Lonely Road of Earth." Such as: "if you just hold on I won't let you fall", and "we can make it through the winds of change" I guess in a way internet marketing to me is like long road with lots of change so everytime I hear this song I think of some of the trials and challenges I've come up against while learning marketing on the net. But just as the beat in the song really turns to a up beat towards the end.. that's the way marketing on the net always comes out in the end. There is a light at the end of the long road. Hope you learn from this training and just remember there is a light at the end of the long road to success.

Day 6 University Of Veretekk RECORDING

Walk through this road and have the faith that Veretekk trainings will get you to the light you are seeking. Get started with live VoIP trainings today visit: http://leads.barefootsuccess.net If you come to one of my trainings I'll even play this Kid Rock song for you.

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