February 02, 2006

University of Veretekk day 4

Today was another great day packed with information. I feel as if we just all hang in there together we will get what Tom Prendergast is teaching us. Oh yes you will see my mistakes again in this recording.
Day 4 University of Veretekk Recording

I was trying to be shy and not show my mistakes this time but Tom is a strict teacher and demanded to see what we are doing.. so don't laugh OK. We are all learning here! Some of my training is at the end of this recording.. the picture I have posted here will help me explain how daisy chaining works I hope... I had lots of questions about daisy chaining today.

Here is the latest webpage I built using the the information that is being taught in these classes.
I'm still struggling with the errors.. but I'm blaming it on front page.. gosh it couldn't be a user error could it?

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The Aerie said...

Cindy, I went all over this Blog and could not find anything speaking about Daisy Chaining.