February 15, 2006

Making Customers Happy Can Increase Sales

Happy customers can lighten your work load by cutting down on the
number of fires you put out each day. They can also make you
It's up to 20 times easier to get a sale from a satisfied
customer as it is to sell to new prospects. It pays to do what
you can to keep customers happy.

1. Make customers feel like there is a free flow of
communication between them and you. As soon as we get an order,
I write back to let the customer know the order has been
received, when they can expect delivery, and how to contact us
for up-to-the-minute information at any time.

2. Respond quickly. If the customer has something good to say,
email or call back with your appreciation. If the customer has a
complaint, get back with them even faster.

3. Explain your product or service. Many customers aren't at
all sure how it works or how you make it. I step each customer
through the process before we start work. "We get your
information, we write your copy, then we send it to you for your
approval." There is a reason why Subway sandwich shops let you
watch them make your sandwich. People love to see the process.

Increase you customer service get a FREE VoIP Conference Room,
have it open when you are online then promote it in your
newsletters to your customers. Before long will you will be known
for the best customer service!!

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