January 02, 2006

Major Veretekk Announcements

Last Night's Veretekk Conference was another one of those keepers. I have downloaded it to my secure server so you can upload it to you computer and listen when you have the time or you can rewind and listen to some of it over again.
Major Veretekk Announcements Recording
There are so many great things happening in Veretekk that I won't mention them all, but for me one of the most exciting traffic portals yet has been configured in to the system. It's your very own conference room for FREE!! Now how cool is that.

Here is the link to get yours today: FREE Conference Room
Veretekk live VoIP online conference rooms have been extremely popular and work great! This is not news to all of you who have been attending training sessions or joining us for the weekly "State of the System" address by Tom and Mike. The system works so well that they decided to brand it with the "VereConference" name.

VereConference is the real deal. First time visitors can just click on a button and the rest takes care of itself! No need to go through a 37 step set up process like all the other guys. Once inside, the system is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You can hold training sessions, meetings, or just one on one conversation will full voice and text chat as well as the ability to "push web pages" to your visitors. The guys at Veretekk spent 3 years looking for the "perfect" VoIP conference system - this is it!

But here's the real sizzle... they have now turned the entire system into an incredibly powerful and appealing traffic portal for you! You have the ability to go get your own 2-person room for free! Better yet, you have the ability to give away as many of these free rooms as you want! This is traffic portal marketing and lead generation at it's best folks! This is exactly the type of tool that all online business people need - and now you can give it to them!

Get your own VereConference Room today for FREE

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