January 03, 2006

Barefoot's Q & A Session Time Change

I have changed the daily Question and Answer Sessions to 2 PM CST (12 noon PST)

These sessions are hosted in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre (www.barefoot-in-the-garden.com) and are open to anyone wanting someone to brainstorm with about marketing on the net. The topic's vary depending on the questions asked.

Take a chance and get to know us you will be glad you did!

To learn more about me and why I do the things I do visit: www.cindymcasey.com


Anonymous said...


I was wondering if the invitation is open to everybody from any company?

Dr. K
The MLM doctor

Cindy McAsey said...

Yes, My Q & A Sessions are open to anybody from any company. This is a great place to brainstorm, ask questions, and learn some marketing skills. Most of the topics are centered around the Veretekk Lead Generation System. What ever questions are asked that is what we talk about.

Anonymous said...

I have listeened to some of
your recordings from the
Veretekk training seasons,
I found your link in the
Veretekk Forums, and the
recording have been a
great help in enabling
me to "catch up".

I live in Mountain Time
Zone and have given up my
soap opera "One Life
to Live in order to
be present today at
1:00 O'clock.