December 09, 2005

Interesting Viral Marketing Idea..

Here is another idea that Mike Fisliame came up with that I will be watching closely.Talk about a Maverick Marketer...Mike's has built a massive list of over 200,000 in just under two years online and has raised some eyebrows with his powerful promotions for JV partners. He does things differently.

In this case study, he's combined he power of blogs, viral traffic,
and a few other elements and I want to see how well it works real time. I'll admit... I've not done much with viral list building techniques other than using the powerful Veretekk System But I'm checking out this new blog concept of Mike's.

Some of the entries on the blog you'll see are funny... but the proof will be in the pudding as they say. I've posted an ad there and I'll let you know what results I get.

If you want to build YOUR list...
My suggestion is to go to the link below and sign up for an account
and place an ad and track what happens.The point is it this site is viral so there is no fee for signing up.Watch every step of the's proven very beneficial to Mike's list and I'm testing it now for myself.

Watch for the 'profit center' and see if you can reverse engineer how
Mike gets paid from this project.It's not as 'targeted' as other kinds of traffic necessarily, but that's why I'm testing it myself. See if you can spot my ad :)

Bottom line: Mike's a genius and is known for his 'Butterfly Marketing'
Study what he did here at...

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