December 29, 2005

For those of you planning for 2006

It's my hope that when you are setting your goals for 2006 you include some time for training also. Oliver Wendal Holmes once said, "Man's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regins it original dimension." One of the purposes for this blog is to help you uncover new ideas, get out of your box, expand your comfort zone and to help you pursue the things you love.

Here is another quote from Julius Caesar that I think just hits my point on the head.
"For lack of training, they lacked knowledge.
For lack of knowledge, they lacked confidence.
For lack of confidence, they lacked victory!"

One of the best places on the net to get training you need to succeed is in the Veretekk Gold System. Their are more ideas and tips coming from those training sessions that is worth the price of a gold system right there.

Also just a quick reminder if you are really struggling and need some one on one help join us in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre daily at 12 noon CST. We are here to help you succeed on the net.

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