December 06, 2005

Blog & Ping punched in the mouth!

As you probably know, the "blog & ping"
technique has been one of the best ways
to get new web sites and pages indexed
by the major search engines.

In fact, "blog & ping" has been one of the
hottest online marketing tactics in the past
two years. BUT...

It's now being *CRUSHED* by another

Something that gets pages indexed by
Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search
engines EVEN FASTER.

AND this new technique does a lot more
for you than just get new pages indexed... can create TONS of valuable 'backlinks'
to your pages!

(If you don't yet know, getting incoming links
to your pages are one of the most critical
ways to get higher search engine rankings.)

*AND* this technique can also get your
site great EXPOSURE. So it's not just a
little "trick" to get you indexed quickly
in the search engines (although it does that
too) but it can bring you bursts of traffic
each time you use it from REAL PEOPLE
being exposed to news about your sites.

This can bring you a rush of new sales
and subscribers.

I've seen this technique in action and it's
VERY POWERFUL. The only problem
was, up until now this technique only
worked if you did it MANUALLY with a lot
of time and effort...

...but now that's all changed.

A new software program has just been
released that will AUTOMATE all the
work for you. I cannot recommend this
program high enough. It's VERY

If you are someone that wants to get more
traffic to any of your web sites from the
search engines, then you MUST have this
new tool in your "marketing arsenal."

(I wouldn't give mine up for 100 times the price!)

You can get your own copy today, but hurry
because there's a special introductory price:

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