November 07, 2005

Are you showing your "True Colors"?

The Sunday evening Veretekk update conference was again one of those eye opening experiences for me. Tom Prendergast again was showing his true colors by explaining how he was going from being down under in the engine room (meaning being an computer engineer in his biz) to going to the top deck and dressing up with his starched shirt (moving to marketing mode).

Have you ever heard of painting a picture in someones mind to help them understand a point? This was an excellent example of that. This came to me about the time this morning that the song "True Colors" was playing on my computer. Wow talk about a light bulb turning on in my head!

To top off the excitement of this recording was when Tom brought up a Press Release by Erik Astrand. He had participated in some of our advanced training classes in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre. Erik had taken my suggestion and decided to work on a image for his business. He came to a couple of my Q & A sessions and we brainstormed about a few ideas for a really cool business name. Imagine my suprise when I saw "Midnight Sun Marketing" on his press release!

Congrats to Erik for showing his "True Colors"... I would imagine we will be seeing lots more of is work very soon.

Hear this "True Colors" recording LISTEN NOW (requires media Player)

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