October 13, 2005

Silver Veretekk Recording of Ron Eagle

For people who haven't been able to find a Silver Veretekk Training that fits into their schedule. This is a very detailed recording of Ron Eagle teaching how to the amazing Veretekk Automated Marketing System works.

Silver Training Veretekk Recording- Ron Eagle

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L99K said...

Hi Cindy, nice to see another Veretekk member blogging.

We have been with Veretekk since december last year and also used to do the training for the Veretekk subscribers.

Please feel free to take a look at the help script we use to help silvers and golds get set up. You may use it if you wish.

Please click below...


You might also like to see the other lead generation systems we use.


Many thanks and see you around.

Becky & Anthony.

Skype us: shpromotions