October 17, 2005

Inspire the Copywriter in YOU!

Last evening's Veretekk update was nothing short of inspriational for me. If you have listened to these Sunday evening updates you know that before and after the conference there is music. Well that is a special added touch to these conferences in my eyes.
Everybody has something that moves them to get their creative mood going, for me it's music that gets me in the mood to write copy. Unfortunatly I just recorded the conference not the before and after music. I got to thinking in the night if music can move me to write good copy, there must be others that it can inspire too.
One source of Free inspirational music that I use to write copy is at: InspirationalPeak.com. At this site you will also find some great quotes that might help you to add to your copy.

Another source I use is the Yahoo Messenger Music. It's very easy to download and put on your computer. Just download the latest Yahoo Instant Messanger at yahoo.com. You can set it to the type of music you want it to play and when a song comes on you can rate it so it will be played more often or never again. Pretty soon you have a great library of the songs that inspire you.

If you are a user of the Veretekk Automated Marketing System don't miss the Sunday evening updates every Sunday. They can be quite inspirational to say the least.

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