October 26, 2005

How to Present Your Story to Get Free Publicity

If you're anything like me, you've probably seen thousands of
stories on the news, or read about them in the paper, that made
you think, "Don't they have anything better to cover?"
The truth is, the media probably only covered those questionable
stories because someone suggested it to them. The question is, do
you have a better story for them? Because if you do, that could
mean tons of free publicity for you.

The trick to getting free media publicity is in the presentation.
Here are a few common angles to take on your idea:

New ideas and technologies - Do you offer a product or service
that makes peoples' lives easier or more convenient? Think of an
angle along the lines of convenience that came with credit card
gas pumps, email take-out, and convenience store/chain

Follow-ups - If you see a news story or article about a product
or service similar to yours, call the reporter who did the story
and offer another angle or a follow-up. The first story could be
for people who want to learn more.

Try Piggybacking - This means you put a fresh twist on something
already in the news. You can piggyback on news items, trends,
holidays, community events, any hot news item on which you can
supply a new angle--one that promotes you!

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