September 20, 2005

If You're Serious About a Large Income get more Confidence

There are several way you may become more confident in your business one of them is to role play.

Being confident is probably the most important quality a
business person can have. The more confident you are, the more
sales you will close. Role-playing is an easy and
effective way to help salespeople build their confidence. It
gives salespeople the opportunity to learn new
information, test their selling skills, and try different

Try splitting your role-playing session into two parts.
After the first session, have a brief discussion of what the
observers saw. Then do the same role-play again, then
discuss. Usually your second attempt will be much better.

Use a camcorder to record each role-play to dramatically
increase the effectiveness of your sessions. Often it is easier
to see both the mistakes that were made and what was done well
when you are watching it yourself. Later, you will have a
library of sessions you can go back on and see your

Selling can be a difficult process. Customers judge you and
compare you to the competition. Many companies use sales
training to improve their odds, but no training program would be
complete without practice sessions.

One of the ways to get the sales training you need is from an excellent
online training course that I use and recomend for the people I work with.
Take a look at
This is the most complete hands on training I have found to increase confidence and your marketing skills on the net.

Another componet I have added to help you with success is advanced training classes in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre for all of my Mentors on a Mission students. Please call me if you want more details at 888-272-6701.

As a reminder I host daily Q & A sessions in the Barefoot Business Conference Centre too. Come join us at at 12 noon CST M-Thurs.

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