August 16, 2005

How to Grow your Online Business with little or NO Money

So you have a business you want to promote online, but you have NO
MONEY to advertise or to get a website up and running? Here are some tips and tools you can use to get a website up, running and marketing your product or service.

1. You can get a FREE Website at

2. Submit your new website to Search Engines using our FREE Blastomatic Service

3.Build link popularity with information about your product or service with a FREE Weblog.

4. Announce your business with a

5. Order some Free Business Cards from list your website on your card along with a compeling reason why people should visit your site. Then leave your card on bulletin boards, give it to everyone you meet, leave it on a restaurant short, promote with your business card.

6. Get some free autoresponders for your site at When people visit your site, they can sign up for periodic updates giving them more info on new products/services and specials.

7. Come join me Cindy McAsey weekdays, 12 noon (CST) at the Barefoot Business Conference Centre for question and answer sessions about marketing on online.


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