August 24, 2005

Especially for New Silver Veretekk Suscribers

If you have just signed up for a FREE Veretekk Silver System and can't find a time to get in on the Silver Trainings when they are held... This post is for you. I have recorded Paul Stanton's Silver Training so you will have access to it.

New Veretekk Suscriber Silver Training

If you are not yet a FREE silver member of the Veretekk System go to and sign up for a Free account.

Do you not have clue what I'm talking about??? In short Veretekk is an amazing automated marketing system that helps you market your business. If you aren't marketing online and haven't taken a close look at this system you owe it to your self to take a closer look. It's doesn't cost anything as a Silver Suscriber and you may stay a Silver Suscriber as long as you want.

Just so you know the Paid Gold System is much more robust to say the least and is a very good value for $41.95 a month. I know it saved me lots of $$ and I'm glad I found this system. I'll never buy a lead again because I have a system together with my marketing that brings premium leads to me.... and trust me they are much better than any lead you could purchase no matter how many times they have been opted in and pre-qualified.

I hope you can make use of this recording to help you learn the power of this amazing system.

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