August 11, 2005

David Darcangelo "7 Secrets to Success" RECORDING

This Recording will Knock your Socks Off!

I want to make sure you got a chance to hear the first guest speaker that veretekk brought in to help us with our business... no he didn't talk about how to set up your system... he gave us tips, facts, and ideas to help us grow our primary businesses...

I was so impressed with this conference that I recorded it and have uploaded it to my secure server just for you to hear. Just click here to listen.

What really shocked me was this conference was available to all Veretekk suscribers, FREE Silver accounts and paid Gold accounts. If you haven't taken a hard look at the Veretekk System yet now is the time... and guess what.. it doesn't even cost you anything to be a Silver member. Take another look at and please call me if you have questions OK! 888-272-6701.

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