August 12, 2005

Build Your Brand Online

During lean times, nothing helps bring in consistent sales
like a good, solid brand. The power of your brand-- your
business' name and the clarity it conveys your most
important benefits--can be the most valuable marketing tool
you have.

Here are some ways to establish and strengthen your brand.

Come up with three ideas you want visitors to remember
when they leave your web site. It could be your low price,
your broad selection, your deep expertise, or even your
friendly face.

I like to hit visitors with your idea right from the beginning.
The first words on your opening web page should tell people
the three things you want them to remember about you.

Then use your three ideas consistently from page to page.
These main ideas should be reflected and reinforced . After
someone has spent five minutes on your site, they should
have your three benefits firmly implanted in their mind.

Also consider the tone your brand takes. Does the mood and
message of your site tell people you are enthusiastic, serious,
caring, or ruthless? Depending on your audience, any of
these things could be a powerful reason to buy from you.

Here is one of the logos that I use to establish my brand name for my business. I'm posting this here to get your mind thinking how you could brand yourself.

Do you want help finding and designing a brand for your business?

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